A rework of my work.

I love how it’s been nearly five months since my last update. My apologies.

After  a lovely, encouraging and inspiring post to Reddit’s writing subreddit, /r/writing, earlier this Fall, subscribers tore apart the cover for For Those Who Don’t Learn From History — for the good and the bad. I love that, however. It breaks me out of my invisible wall I’ve been blockaded, and gives me a shot to see the, what I like to call, true feedback which you won’t typically get from loved ones and friends.

In other words, it’s a refresher. A sort of new start.

“This is literally the worst title I have ever read for a book.”

“As a published author, I can completely guarantee you that this book will not sell.”

Fair enough. I don’t know the ins-and-outs of self-publishing a book. I’m essentially in the Learner’s Program of the publishing world, so of course, there are times to be the student and times to be the teacher.

(And, to be honest, I don’t know if anyone can ever truly master their own art. Knowledge keeps expanding, and it will continue to expand, with each passing day.)

Aside from all this, two thing were almost unanimous with the comments about For Those Who Don’t Learn From History:

1) The cover is too dark.

I always knew that. But, since I didn’t actually create the cover (as a friend of mine helped make it!), and my photoshop skills are about as baren as the world I’m writing, there wasn’t much I could do. Luckily(!), a kind gent was willing to fix it up for me, and ended up with this as a final result.


2. I absolutely hate your title.

I’d venture to say at least 90% of the comments were about my title. Some said it was too long, others found it to sound like a non-fictional book. While I really wanted to disagree with them — I knew they were right. While I absolutely adore the quote the title is inspired by, I find myself scoffing at it; hiding away.

It is too long. It is a pretty sucky title. I didn’t know it, but this was just a placeholder title for my sophomore attempt at writing a novel.

A novella in disguise.

And that my friends is where I currently stand. Now that I have begun working on the book (and not just taking notes!), I feel like my understanding for what I want is growing with each sentence I finish. Because of this, I am in search for a title that illustrates the book in just a few words. The Road and On The Beach did it just fine.

And that gives me hope.


The Future!

For what seems to be the billionth apology, I truly am sorry for not updating the site more than I should be. I love it (“it” being the site and the book), but I find myself with less and less time to do much. So, tonight, I came up with a plan. A good one? I think so.

Here it is: Upon the original creation of See in The Light, I only wanted it to be about my book Dreaming Wide Awake. It sounded fine and dandy originally, but as I thought about it, the idea would turn out to bite me in the butt later on. So, since I have since deeply thought of other stories and novels to begin writing as soon as DWA is finished, See in The Light will soon take a huge turn. No longer will it just focus on my current book, but on my many other pieces of literature, songs, etc. I have written in the past few years. I may come off a tad arrogant, but really, I want the world to see I insanely love writing. It is amazing. Truly amazing.

So, in the coming weeks (or months), look for a few minor-to-major changes on the currently yet-to-be-renamed website.


P.S. I can happily say I am about 85% completed with Dreaming Wide Awake. Some amazing things are coming together!