Since releasing in the United States last summer, Spotify has become one of all-time favorite applications on any device. While I love the ability to stream practically any song in history (which, trust me, I do), I think the best feature is one that lies under the hood — the ability to find a heap of new artists.

I am seriously amazed at how many new, great artists and bands I have come across since downloading the software last July. To name a few: Bon Iver (up until Spotify, I only liked/knew “Skinny Love”), The Temper Tramps, Christopher O’Riley and The Head and The Heart, amongst many others.

While finding new artists is always great, another super feature is the ability to share playlists. It’s with this feature that I have stumbled upon a superb playlist called, simply, “Writing”. I cannot say good enough things about this playlist. Honest to God, every single track is a blessing and I am forever going to use this for my writing time(s).

Because I am in such a musical mood, I insist you look at the playlist I’ve been using for For Those Who Don’t Learn From History and give at least a few of the songs a listen. They’re grand.

Cats and Dogs – The Head and The Heart

An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno

The Big Ship – Brian Eno

13 Ghosts II – Nine Inch Nails

Paradise Stars – Noah And The Whale

Get Your Truck/Flirt – Hal Hartley/Jeffery Taylor

Cherry – Ratatat

Takk – Sigur Ros

Amsterdam – Coldplay

Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead piano cover) – Christopher O’Riley

First Ride – Don Ross

I Don’t Want to Set The World on Fire – The Ink Spots

Maybe – The Ink Spots

A Kiss To Build A Dream On – Louis Armstrong

For Emma – Bon Iver

Holocene – Bon Iver

Skinny Love – Bon Iver


“I’d rather be a comma, than a full-stop.”

It’s nice being back here, dear internet. While I would love to inform you that Dreaming Wide Awake is not only published but a number-one bestseller, alas, I cannot.

But, instead of that (because who really wants to hear me nag about how I’ve been busy with work and my internship?), I am here to tell you I have, once again, polished up the site. If you lists, and not a giant paragraph, you are in luck, as I am in a tidy mood tonight, and below is everything listed out for an average  a better viewing experience.

1. Portfolio: For the first time since I created this site, Portfolio actually carries material. I have posted a handful of articles I’ve written for my college’s newspaper, The Ranger, and have neatly put them in (some) order, that I don’t even really know of.

Once the Fall semester starts in September, I’ll have more stories from this past Spring posted up.

2. About Me: A lengthy, somewhat decent overview of my writing. I hate writing these things, but it’s an always-changing overview, so it’s fun in that aspect.

3. NovelsI used to have three different pages for each of my novels, but not only does putting these pages into one neat and tidy Novels ‘folder’ clean things up a bit, but I now have more space to put whatever I want put in on my limited-blog-space. Literally nothing else is new, except:

3a. For Those Who Don’t Learn From History: Inspiration: I’ve updated this part quite a bit. When re-reading through the original posting, I had awkward, unfunny humor which is definitely still there, parts that didn’t go anywhere and new ‘updates’, per say, that have developed my post-apocalyptic novel t0-be. Go read it. I am very excited for this novel.

4. Theme: I like it, and so should you.

But seriously. I’m working on it. Once I figure out how to take out the hilariously-outdated ‘About Me’ widget off, it’ll  be off. Until then, visit the About Me page for a better, more professional take on myself.

5. ‘Like’ me on Facebook: I understand most my readers come from Facebook, but there isn’t any way of telling. I’d love for you to stop by my Facebook page after reading up on everything here. It will not only get my book more attention, but will 100% encourage me to update this site more often.

And, I do believe that’s all.

Until next time,


January 18th, I will be shutting down to help oppose SOPA.

SOPA is probably something you have been hearing about if you watch more than Fox News. SOPA – “Stop Online Privacy Act” is a bill attempting to be passed which would highly-limit our free speech on the internet. Anything that the government disagrees with will result in a block on any website, picture, video, etc.

As an avid supporter of free speech – in both real life and on the internet – I cannot let myself sit back and watch Congress approve or deny the bill without doing something to help. So, on January 18, I will be shutting down Standalone Sun for 24 hours to show my opposition to SOPA.

I will return the next day, January 19.

Thank you for understanding.

Do you have a website? Do you want to show support with sites such as Reddit, Twitpic, Destructoid and others? Go to to learn more about how you can help, and visit to learn more about how the bill could affect the future of the internet.

Happy New Year

Yes, yes.I know I literally just posted, but, I felt as if I should have sounded more welcoming with my last post, so this one is for you. Not your mother, not your father, not your brother or even your pet; just for you.

Have an awesome 2012 and I hope the best for everything you do.  Dreaming Wide Awake, contrary to popular belief, is still going to be released and I cannot wait to share my work with the world.

God Bless.


“For Those Who Don’t Learn From History” now has a cover!

Hello all. I hope everyone had a blessed, great Christmas and has a fantastic New Year

As 2012 approaches, it seems the world is going to become crazy over the next 350 days or so and I think that it will be fun to see how the world views an approaching scare (which may or may not have something actually happen after all). The media is going to be even more insane than usual, I would bet. Much like in my book For Those Who Don’t Learn From History, we’ll all get to see as the world slowly accepts the fact a so-called doom.

Speaking of the apocalypse, here is the official cover for For Those Who Don’t Learn From History!


The cover was created by Allie Osterloh, who also designed Dreaming Wide Awake‘s cover.

Beautiful, eh?

“Fifties On-Demand”: My third novel.

It feels like just yesterday when I announced my second book, For Those Who Don’t Learn From History, and that has been over six months now! It also feels like yesterday when I was thinking to myself, “Well Joel, what if this is it? What if For Those Who Don’t Learn From History is my last book for a good while?”. I was scared that something would never come to me, but alas, it did.

Fifties On-Demand is going to be my take at experimenting in genres. I am leaving the sci-fi and thriller world behind and taking on a challenge only good books can accomplish: general fiction. It’s ironic for me to be writing, because I previously thought I had to have some type of highly-entertaining genre helping me along the way, in both writing the story and coming up with the ideas. I can happily say I am venturing out of my comfort zone and cannot wait to get this novel started.

Fifties On-Demand, a simple story about a man, his uneventful life and death, is my attempt at a great piece of literature. Nowadays, however, this is a near-impossible task, because of the flooding of trashy tween novels filling the earth. I carry hope, though, like I have since my beginning days of Dreaming Wide Awake.

As I have only just started working out the details in the past two weeks, I will give you a small preview of what I have come up with thus far.

“Logan* was not afraid of death hitting his heart. He was not afraid of a car hitting his drivers-side seat, he was not afraid of a crazed psycho-maniac murdering him in his sleep, nor was he afraid of a horrid, gory death in a train accident. Logan was afraid of the goodbye’s that lingered over the death of other’s. That last breath that left a soon-souless body was a haunting moment in time that frightened Logan to his sleep every night. With each new addition to the population was one-less soul and Logan was going to conquer his fear — even if it leaves him dead.”

* Logan is a temporary name.

I have created a page for the book and will soon be updating with more specific information. Until then, stay classy.



Since last posting the front cover, a couple of changes have been made. By “a couple of changes”, I completely mean one thing was removed, but I personally like it more. I also cannot believe I have yet to post both the front and back cover, so consider this the formal announcement of such.

Below is the original cover, with thebelow ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’.

I would personally like to thank Allie Osterloh for the creation of these, and I cannot express how much greater this has made my journey to publishing Dreaming Wide Awake!

Which cover do you prefer, dear readers? Post it in the comments!