Dreaming Wide Awake started, in all honesty, by complete coincidence. At the time, I was a Sophomore and not really knowing what I liked to besides write crappy short stories and generally write things down to help me figure things out. That all changed one week in November in my English II class. My English teacher is quite the writer – and author – that taught my Creative Writing class my Freshman year, and to my surprise, we had a Creative Writing week. I truly believe I was the only one who loved all the writing we did, but I just could not help it. We would write a bit of songs, short stories, poems, etc. You know, stuff that gets your creative juices flowing.

One day, the assignment was to create a short story that ended with a lone sock being found. Being the immature fifteen-and-sixteen-year-olds we were, 90% were just for the lulz and nothing more. We were partnered with a friend and had about fifteen or twenty minutes to come up with something. Me and my friend Jake, the same friend who later got me interested in Chernobyl, created a story about a man running in the midst of a heavy rainstorm, by a shadow-like-creature, wielding a weapon. In the end, the cops find a single shoe left behind.

The end.

Somehow, in a way I do not truly understand, the short story turned into a thriller about dreams and fear. Honest to God, I don’t know how they started or where they came from, but sure enough, the thoughts came. I officially started the novel on November 17, 2008, and after many challenging, procrastinating months and years, Dreaming Wide Awake was finished on April 10, 2011. Words cannot express how happy I was for that entire week.

While all this was going on, and as the novel was winding down, I had a blessing come into my life. Allie Osterloh, the woman who graciously designed the cover for my book, created such an awesome design. I absolutely love it. Thank you Allie.

Now, you ask? I have a job and am about to start college. I have made many promises as to when the book will release and I want to honestly say that I don’t have any new news about its release, besides that it will be released by the year’s end. And I will dance. I will dance so, so happily.