Read what I have! (So far.)

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For Those Who Don’t Learn From History was actually conceived when I was not even close to being done with my first novel, Dreaming Wide Awake, so around late 2009. It was weird to become so heavily invested in a story when I was already writing one, and considering the fact my Junior year of high school was ending, I sort of knew that I would not have time to finish one novel, start another one, and finish that one before I graduated. However, it didn’t stop me from taking notes for -literally- about three years. (Maybe less.) Within those three years, character names changed, story settings changed, location changed, amount of characters changed, and well, you get the point. What I had even one year ago is not what I have now.

And I have mentioned it before, but I am in love with what I have now. It’s unreal. Falling in love with something that I, myself, have written hadn’t happened once before starting this wonderfully depressing tale. In some ways, I like to believe that I am fully using everything I’m capable of (in terms of writing) for this, and the result is heavily satisfying.

So much so, that I want others to read it, too.

For the past year, I’ve given the (now-ditched) first chapter (or first two) to my friends, but like I mentioned before, everything is different. Their feedback is incredible, and I’ve changed some of the concerns they noted, as well as inconsistencies, etc. But yet, I carry loads of self-doubt, to the point where I can sit and listen to someone telling me what they loved about what I had given them, but deep down, think they’re just being nice. (It’s a crummy thing, I know. But I can’t help it.)

Here’s what I am offering: seventy-pages, four chapters. These four chapters are what I like to consider the sort-of epilogue, as my protagonist, Isaiah, is completely alone for the entirety of the beginning of the novel. Seeing as this is a post-apocalyptic novel, I felt tasked to bring a new challenge to myself, and I managed to create something I feel is appealing and substantial, all with one character and scarce dialogue.

If you are interested in reading this, I would highly appreciate it. This isn’t so much about letting people read about what I have (because trust me, I’m weary), but about making sure I managed to get the point across that I had intended, from an outside opinion. After all, this is the most important part of the story itself, and making sure it works is a fantastic feeling.

Send me a message on Facebook, send me a tweet, text me, whatever. I refuse to post my work publicly where anything is up for someone to steal. Because of this, I’d feel much less paranoid when sending these four chapters as an attachment via email, Facebook, etc.

Again, I would really, sincerely appreciate all the help I can get.



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