Spotify, Round II

Literally the best.

(This is more-or-less of an update to my original blog post in July.)

While I guarantee that, out of the maybe five six readers I have, maybe two or three of you will pay attention — or maybe! — even listen to the Spotify playlist.

Of course, since my original Spotify post, the playlist has grown far beyond what I originally had, so instead of typing out each and every song and artist (with my thoughts about each), I’ll just be linking to the playlist which I literally just published before publishing this. (Yes, literally.)

Called Evernote Nightsit consists of a mix of instrumentals, covers, acoustic, quite techno-esque music and a few 40’s-50’s era music. Obviously, tastes differ with each person, so I don’t expect you to enjoy each and every track, but there truly are some beautiful tracks in the mix.

Whether you’re listening to it for homework, writing, parties (because who doesn’t want to hear Bon Iver while getting drunk?), writing parties, sleepy-time, sexy-time or all of the above, feel free to subscribe and listen.*

* Be warned, however, some of the tracks I’ve included, such as 4 Minute Warning by Radiohead are not available on Spotify, meaning you will have to have those files already on your computer to listen to them with this playlist.

(This took entirely too long to upload, ShareMyPlaylists.)


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