Short stories and such.

I’ve yet to find out my official word count for Dreaming Wide Awake, for a couple of reasons. The first, being it’s still sitting untyped in the original notebooks. I should probably do that sometime. Or maybe hire someone. The latter reason, being I am guesstimating. (I’d assume it’s between 70,000 to 80,000. We’ll see later!)

I’m curious as to what For Those Who Don’t Learn From Historywill turn out to be, word-count-wise, seeing as Dreaming Wide Awake was 286 pages in my notebooks. Luckily, my handwriting is smaller than it used to be, so one notebook page is the equivalent to two-to-three pages on a Word document.

But, now that my new ‘era’ of writing is running full-speed, I have to focus on what’s now. Unfortunately, my mind doesn’t want me to only stay with my post-apocalyptic tale. Don’t think I’m going to quickly abandoned this novel, because that is definitely not the case. I just happen to plan things out far, far ahead, and always on accident.

But, I suppose that’s nice. It gives a personal sense of relief; keeps me from worrying.

Initially, I intended to have Fifties On-Demand release after my second novel was done-and-over. I can’t lie in saying that, initially, after spending a week or two thinking about what it could be about, my interest was lost, and I just had it sitting as a near-empty note on my Evernote account. 

I like the basic premise. I do. However, I’ve come to terms that, despite my ability to write it out and turn it into a full novel, I worry that I won’t have enough material to actually finish it and be happy with the final product.

I didn’t have that fear with Dreaming Wide Awake and I don’t have that fear with For Those Who Don’t Learn From History*. At a glance, this doesn’t seem like much. I’ve dealt this hand before, however, and it certainly did not end pretty.

Due to this fear, I am going to change the tone for Fifties On-Demand from here on out. The story is hereby going to be either a short story or a novella. With a simplistic plot such as the one I (currently) have, I feel that condensing the tale of a man and his cancer would be better suited for the reader and myself.

I can’t wait to do another short story! Last time I’ve written one was before I was even done with Dreaming Wide Awake. The title was really weird, as was the story, but I loved it. More than anything, the short story (which was about ten pages) proved to be a challenge (and an awesome one at that).

Ironically, that short story was combined with a story idea I had at the time, and in some really oddball fashion, ended up being For Those Who Don’t Learn From History. I think it was just meant to happen.

As always, I’ll keep you updated with anything relating to this short story, Dreaming Wide Awake or For Those Who Don’t Learn From History.

— Joel

* Title subject to change.


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