“I’d rather be a comma, than a full-stop.”

It’s nice being back here, dear internet. While I would love to inform you that Dreaming Wide Awake is not only published but a number-one bestseller, alas, I cannot.

But, instead of that (because who really wants to hear me nag about how I’ve been busy with work and my internship?), I am here to tell you I have, once again, polished up the site. If you lists, and not a giant paragraph, you are in luck, as I am in a tidy mood tonight, and below is everything listed out for an average  a better viewing experience.

1. Portfolio: For the first time since I created this site, Portfolio actually carries material. I have posted a handful of articles I’ve written for my college’s newspaper, The Ranger, and have neatly put them in (some) order, that I don’t even really know of.

Once the Fall semester starts in September, I’ll have more stories from this past Spring posted up.

2. About Me: A lengthy, somewhat decent overview of my writing. I hate writing these things, but it’s an always-changing overview, so it’s fun in that aspect.

3. NovelsI used to have three different pages for each of my novels, but not only does putting these pages into one neat and tidy Novels ‘folder’ clean things up a bit, but I now have more space to put whatever I want put in on my limited-blog-space. Literally nothing else is new, except:

3a. For Those Who Don’t Learn From History: Inspiration: I’ve updated this part quite a bit. When re-reading through the original posting, I had awkward, unfunny humor which is definitely still there, parts that didn’t go anywhere and new ‘updates’, per say, that have developed my post-apocalyptic novel t0-be. Go read it. I am very excited for this novel.

4. Theme: I like it, and so should you.

But seriously. I’m working on it. Once I figure out how to take out the hilariously-outdated ‘About Me’ widget off, it’ll  be off. Until then, visit the About Me page for a better, more professional take on myself.

5. ‘Like’ me on Facebook: I understand most my readers come from Facebook, but there isn’t any way of telling. I’d love for you to stop by my Facebook page after reading up on everything here. It will not only get my book more attention, but will 100% encourage me to update this site more often.

And, I do believe that’s all.

Until next time,



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