January 18th, I will be shutting down to help oppose SOPA.

SOPA is probably something you have been hearing about if you watch more than Fox News. SOPA – “Stop Online Privacy Act” is a bill attempting to be passed which would highly-limit our free speech on the internet. Anything that the government disagrees with will result in a block on any website, picture, video, etc.

As an avid supporter of free speech – in both real life and on the internet – I cannot let myself sit back and watch Congress approve or deny the bill without doing something to help. So, on January 18, I will be shutting down Standalone Sun for 24 hours to show my opposition to SOPA.

I will return the next day, January 19.

Thank you for understanding.

Do you have a website? Do you want to show support with sites such as Reddit, Twitpic, Destructoid and others? Go to http://sopastrike.com/ to learn more about how you can help, and visit http://sopastrike.com/ to learn more about how the bill could affect the future of the internet.


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