“Fifties On-Demand”: My third novel.

It feels like just yesterday when I announced my second book, For Those Who Don’t Learn From History, and that has been over six months now! It also feels like yesterday when I was thinking to myself, “Well Joel, what if this is it? What if For Those Who Don’t Learn From History is my last book for a good while?”. I was scared that something would never come to me, but alas, it did.

Fifties On-Demand is going to be my take at experimenting in genres. I am leaving the sci-fi and thriller world behind and taking on a challenge only good books can accomplish: general fiction. It’s ironic for me to be writing, because I previously thought I had to have some type of highly-entertaining genre helping me along the way, in both writing the story and coming up with the ideas. I can happily say I am venturing out of my comfort zone and cannot wait to get this novel started.

Fifties On-Demand, a simple story about a man, his uneventful life and death, is my attempt at a great piece of literature. Nowadays, however, this is a near-impossible task, because of the flooding of trashy tween novels filling the earth. I carry hope, though, like I have since my beginning days of Dreaming Wide Awake.

As I have only just started working out the details in the past two weeks, I will give you a small preview of what I have come up with thus far.

“Logan* was not afraid of death hitting his heart. He was not afraid of a car hitting his drivers-side seat, he was not afraid of a crazed psycho-maniac murdering him in his sleep, nor was he afraid of a horrid, gory death in a train accident. Logan was afraid of the goodbye’s that lingered over the death of other’s. That last breath that left a soon-souless body was a haunting moment in time that frightened Logan to his sleep every night. With each new addition to the population was one-less soul and Logan was going to conquer his fear — even if it leaves him dead.”

* Logan is a temporary name.

I have created a page for the book and will soon be updating with more specific information. Until then, stay classy.



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