Continuing the end.

Dreaming Wide Awake is done. The first manuscript was finished in October 2009. The second manuscript was finished in April 2011. The project started in November 2008. In other words, I have dedicated about two-and-a-half-years to this book. Is it worth it? Totally. In a sense, this book has become like a child of mine.

My first child.

After the final editing, reviewing and, finally, publishing will come and go, I have another project I have teased about, but besides a couple of posts, not much is known about it. I must say, I am quite excited for it. At many points in the writing of Dreaming Wide Awake did I want to just start writing this second novel.

For Those Who Don’t Learn From History is the title. I, personally, love it. For those that do not know, this is an excerpt from George Santayana’s famous quote: “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”. Writing a post-apocalyptic, well, anything, can easily birth some cliche titles, so i set out to find something unique. Was it hard? It was a tough process, I will not lie. But, I was discussing my plans of this book to a friend of mine, Marshall Rankin, and he gave me George’s quote, as well as the title for the book. I wanted to hug him.

For Those Who Don’t Learn From History, I think, will be a big step-up for my writing, as I dive into a much more mature style of writing. FTWDLFH is, currently, first-person, through the eyes of Isaiah. Gritty and rough, the world around him has changed in the period of a couple of months after a disclosed amount of disaster murdered any livelihood left. I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories and movies – I can think my sever interest of Chernobyl for that -(I will visit there, someday. You know it will happen.) so this novel will be something a novelty in my eyes just to write.

For Those Who Don’t Learn From History will begin its first manuscript this summer, probably around July. In the meantime, I shall be reading Cormac McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic tale, The Road, for a better understanding of writing such a genre.

Now, onto a second order of business.

I suppose you have seen the change of themes, again. I kept this current theme for quite a few months, trashed it, hated the theme I was using, and ran back with arms wide open to this one. I freaking love it. So simplistic and simple, yet elegant. Unless a better one appears to my eyes, this shall do.

I bet ten cents you have also seen the site title name change again. Keep in mind, I am attempting to name the site that will resonate in almost all my work. Standalone Sun will be seen in Dreaming Wide Awake and For Those Who Don’t Learn From History, in some form or another. Don’t worry, you will understand as time goes on. (Gee, I sound like someone out of 1984.)

For now, that is all. I am quite excited for what is to come, as I have some happy things to announce soon.



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