The word you see at the end of a movie. (Well, some.) The word that describes the end of a project; the end of a thing you have watched grow comes to an end.

On April 10, 2011, at 3:14AM, I completed the second and final draft of “Dreaming Wide Awake”. After two years, four months and twenty-nine days, the project that consumed up a chunk of life – which was a fun one and still is – was completed. Needless to say, my grin was a happy one.

But, let me be honest. I was not expecting to finish the novel until later this month. Life has been loaded as of recently, so I was surprised in myself this past Saturday night. Living in history will this day be, for me at least, and two days later, I am still beyond ecstatic.

What inspired me to finish? I will be honest: God. Although, it was a subconscious realization from God. Then again, doesn’t God always speak to us like that? Anyways – back on topic. I had just got off work and my Saturday night was completely social-less. I took a trip to my local Barnes N Noble, picked up the “Idiot’s Guide to Publishing” and something inside me inspired to write that night. Not just a few pages, but the entire rest of the book.

I come back home around 10PM, after picking up some new pencils, pens, etc. I start writing at 11 and end at 3AM. 3:14, to be exact.

My hand hurt. It hurt like none other.

All that is left is editing and publishing. Thank God.



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