LuLu: Dreaming Wide Awake’s Home

This past November, a friend of mine, Alex Gamble, met me at a Starbucks and we discussed writing, along with many other things. He brought up a self-publishing site, LuLu. Previously, I had been interested in Blurb. Blurb is good, but is primarily for photobooks and wedding books, etc. Even until this past week was I with Blurb.

I am happy to report Dreaming Wide Awake will be with LuLu, as of tonight. I finally spent some valuable time looking at what they have to offer, and it is loads better than anything I have seen with Blurb. It is a truly great place to let my book published.

I previously announced I would be releasing my book onto the iBookstore, and I am also proud to announce that, with LuLu, this goal will be much easier to accomplish. LuLu offers an eBook service for any of your work to be published onto Apple’s iBookstore, among many others.

This was a last-minute change, but I am glad that Dreaming Wide Awake will be placed into a much more ‘sophisticated’ and caring self-publishing agency.

Oh! I only have chapter left. ;)


3 thoughts on “LuLu: Dreaming Wide Awake’s Home

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