Personally, I am loving 2011. I’m about to graduate, I’m finishing up “Dreaming Wide Awake” and I am releasing Dreaming Wide Awake this Spring. Yep, no more second guessing. It is officially official. I have been prepping myself for over two years and nearly two months for this announcement. It’s such a splendid feeling knowing it will be released.


Moving on. Remember the hand-drawn cover I posted December 28, 2010? (If not, you should scroll down some…) Well, I was blessed to have an insanely great graphic artist ‘transpose’ it for me. What you see below is the work of Allie Osterloh, whom I will forever give full credit to.

Seriously, how awesome is this?

Another thing: I have created a new Twitter account. My original account was solely based on Dreaming Wide Awake and, like this site, I have moved on to my, er, portfolio of writings. I think I was putting myself in a one-dimensional state by just talking about one book (especially written by someone completely unknown) and I am already moving forward out of that box.

For those with a Twitter account, follow @ScribblingHand for more updates. Chances are, I’ll update more on Twitter than I will here.So, hop on over to and, if you haven’t already, join Twitter, (It’s not as dumb as everyone makes it out to be. In fact, 99% of what you hear about Twitter is a lie!) it would really mean a lot.

For those of you who hate reading more than one paragraph, here’s the summary:

Dreaming Wide Awake will be releasing in either March or April 2011. I’ll keep you updated with new information. Obviously.

– Allie Osterloh, a graphic artist, has created a book cover for DWA. A flippin’ sweet one.

– I have a new Twitter account for those interested, @ScribblingHand. I will, for sure, be updating more there than I will be here.

Like I said, I am loving 2011! Are you?


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