Might as well spill the beans…

A few months ago, I teased my second upcoming book,
following Dreaming Wide Awake. After a solid
two weeks only focusing on this book, I decided on a title, names,
places and all that fun (and necessary) stuff! For Those
Who Don’t Learn From History…
is a
post-apocalyptic-themed novel. Set in 2013, Isaiah, a lazy,
self-righteous accountant, wakes in the midst of a world succumb to
destruction. No humans, no cars and no civilization rome the earth
anymore. After quickly squiring his home city, Detroit, for help
and information on what happened, Isaiah comes across a
less-than-friendly band of survivors bent on nothing more than each
other. Grass, burned. Houses, destroyed. Buildings, collapsed and
decaying. What caused the end of civilization? With the help of his
new family, the answers may or may not catch up with them. Keep in
mind, I currently don’t plan on bringing in
any type of monster, humanoid, freak,
etc. My plan is to keep it natural and more realistic than other
post-apocalyptic portrayals. After all, since that hasn’t happened,
we’re all open to our creativity, right? Like it? Dislike it?
Despise it? Sound off in the comments!


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