The Future!

For what seems to be the billionth apology, I truly am sorry for not updating the site more than I should be. I love it (“it” being the site and the book), but I find myself with less and less time to do much. So, tonight, I came up with a plan. A good one? I think so.

Here it is: Upon the original creation of See in The Light, I only wanted it to be about my book Dreaming Wide Awake. It sounded fine and dandy originally, but as I thought about it, the idea would turn out to bite me in the butt later on. So, since I have since deeply thought of other stories and novels to begin writing as soon as DWA is finished, See in The Light will soon take a huge turn. No longer will it just focus on my current book, but on my many other pieces of literature, songs, etc. I have written in the past few years. I may come off a tad arrogant, but really, I want the world to see I insanely love writing. It is amazing. Truly amazing.

So, in the coming weeks (or months), look for a few minor-to-major changes on the currently yet-to-be-renamed website.


P.S. I can happily say I am about 85% completed with Dreaming Wide Awake. Some amazing things are coming together!


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