…I’m back!

I’ve recently fell in love with updating my blog via my iPhone. It’s fun and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because blogging from a device, rather than a computer, is so chilled back and relaxing.

I noticed the last time I’ve updated this was August 24, and for that, I apologize. I can’t really leave an excuse, except that I haven’t had much to update y’all with. Since August 24, I’ve accomplished a TON of editing; so much so, I’m incredibly close to the end. That feeling makes me so, so happy.

But, sometimes it feels like I’m walking on thin ice by doing all this to a book that isn’t even published. I suppose I just want the best for my work.

As far as news regarding the book itself goes, here’s some new things!

– Really, “Dreaming Wide Awake” deals with things far past dreams. I dwell into the things that cause fear and disruption, among other things.

– I throw in many twists and turns. In fact, about halfway through, Mac comes across certain things that make him feel less lonely.

– This man; silhouette has superior knowledge of his victims. From whatever they think to whatever they haven’t done yet, The Shadow causes more than fear to Mac.

Yes, all that was very, very subtle, but I want it to be for just a little longer. Even though I have my plan for DWA version two, I still have to fix things, thus the subtle hints. ;)

God Bless!


(P.S. What would be some good Bible verses to use for the book? I have a couple in mind, but feedback would be great.)


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