Passez le Mot!

Wait, what? What’s up with the title? “Passez le mot!”?

“Passez le mot!” is French for “Spread the word!”.

I would love to see this site grow. I’ve had many experiences with sites in the past, but so far, this blog has produced the most views in a site I’ve created. (I have to say, I really, really enjoy WordPress. To all those considering making a blog – choose WordPress. It’s amazing.)

But, to make something you’ve created to be not so much popular, but known about, is to have whatever your piece of art is to be widespread throughout the internet, people you know, etc.  So, I am asking that of you, fellow readers of  “See in The Light”! Help spread the word about my book, “Dreaming Wide Awake”.

I understand my Facebook doesn’t get a ton of feedback (nor does this site), but honestly, it’s fine. As long as I can get my book “out there”, I’m content. :)

Feel free to comment on either here or the Facebook page, and if you have a Twitter, follow “OfficialDWA“.  I’d appreciate it!



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