Hand Cramps and Improvements

This summer has been dedicated to a ton of hand cramps. Well, as of recently. I must admit, I took a good, long “break” from Dreaming Wide Awake for at least a month or so. Was it fun? Of course not. I actually thought about writing for hours on end at times, due to how angry I was at myself for being lazy about my book. But, times have changed, and the editing process is in full gear, once more!

I’m on page 132, and have about 120 pages to go before I am completely done editing. (At least, this copy of the edited version.) I’ve had to cut whole chapters out, add new characters, lengthen conversations, lessen complications, etc. I’ve had pencils break on me a lot, and my hand has hurt for a few hours. All in all, it is completely worth it.

Where am I at in the story, you ask? Can’t say too much, but it is definitely exciting. To best explain it, it’s in the stage where things begin to be revealed and mysteries are solved. Mac has been going through a lot of crap, as has his family and friends. Whatever it is that’s haunting Mac is sure succeeding. But – how long will that last?

Finally, since this feels like the first true update, I am working on another cover. This one is, of course, only a potential cover, but I’m liking it a lot more then my first one. Both are made from scratch, using Gimp (a free alternative to Photoshop). I would gladly take suggestions for some neat cover designs. ;)

Now that editing is nearly rejuvenated for me, I will be updating this site tons more. Feel free to check out my Twitter and tell your friends and family about this site, my blog, and my Twitter. I would love for the book to receive some promotion.

Until next time,



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